Message of our CEO

We Are The Pride of Agriculture Sector...

With 35 years of experience, Orion Fair continue to organize agricultural fairs in addition to organizing the first agricultural fair in Turkey. Based on these experiences, we are very excited to host AGROEXPO International Agriculture and Livestock Exhibition for the 16th time which has been held since 2005 with a world-wide success. We are also very excited to inform you that AGROEXPO’s 17th edition will also be 5 days.

Our beautiful city İzmir, which has a considerable potential in agriculture and animal husbandry technologies, has grabbed an opportunity to have more influence in crop production, animal husbandry and agriculture with the incentives granted by the state. Thus, the number of agro-based industrial facilities initiated with the rural development supports have increased. Number one on the ranking in Good Agricultural Practices throughout the country, İzmir will strengthen its position in the agriculture sector in the following years.

One of the advantages of Izmir being the 3rd biggest city in Turkey, is to have an international airport. This serves as a great opportunity for our foreign exhibitors and visitors who would like to participate in Agroexpo International Agriculture and Livestock Exhibition.

Agroexpo has the success of bringing decision makers of agriculture and livestock sector together. Since 2016, we have been hosting Agroexpo International Agriculture and Livestock Exhibition in Fuar İzmir, which is considered as the largest and most modern fairground in Turkey. After the establishment of Fuar İzmir in 2016, we had the opportunity to host our national and international exhibitors, also the visitors at much more modern and advanced conditions.

Being established with 550 million TL investment by İzmir Municipality, the fairground has built on 337 thousand sqm with a 110 thousand sqm closed area. 16th AGROEXPO had been held in Fuar İzmir on 23-27 June 2021. During 5 days AGROEXPO hosted 774 brand and 126.332 visitors from 80 countries. By having the largest sqm fair area in agriculture sector AGROEXPO succeed in becoming Turkey’s largest and among the four largest International Agriculture and Livestock Exhibition in Europe.

Organized by Orion Fair Services Inc. Co most rooted and important meeting point of the sector AGROEXPO B2B Meetings held with the attendance of 287 executive delegates from Europe, Middle East, Africa, Turkic Republics and Turkish exhibitors. Also first day of the fair Buyer Delegations B2B Meetings held under the patronage of Trade Ministry by Aegean Exporters’ Associations with the attendance of 42 foreign company executives. Overall B2B meetings generated 1.5 billion dollar worth of business with the attendance of 329 foreign buyer delegates.

17th AGROEXPO Agriculture and Livestock Exhibition will be held on 2-6 February, 2022 in Fuar Izmir. For 2022, ‘’AGROEXPO’’ is aiming to have 1050 exhibitors and 390.000 visitors from 90 countries.

In addition to the B2B meetings that have made a significant contribution to the Turkish agriculture and livestock sector in terms of import and export, we are also working hard for our participants to contribute to the economy. To accomplish this, we are aiming to sustain our statute as being one of the two agricultural fairs supported by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Trade in the following years.

In order to move our fair further than its previous year, we renew and improve ourselves with our surveys which were prepared and evaluated with great care. According to the results of our surveys this year, the participants stated that Agroexpo was productive for their companies and they will re-participate the AGROEXPO in the following year.

You should participate in Agroexpo to stay close to your target audience for five days, establish new business contacts and expand into new markets. The reason for that is Agroexpo enables companies in the agriculture and livestock sector to establish close relationships with their customers and also it has become a symbol of prestige for the participants with its achievements. Especially, if you consider that you are unable to yield sufficient benefit from the other fairs, you will definitely cross paths with AGROEXPO.

To impress your target customers you can transform their knowledge about your company to an interest by using the power of Agroexpo. You also strengthen your relationship with existing customers as well as finding the new ones through Agroexpo.

After your participation you should definitely evaluate the results; your time, money and effort versus number of visitors stopping by at your stand, effect of the meetings had been held with International hosted buyers, also the suitability of your products to attending visitors. You should also consider the amount of money you would have spent to meet all these people if you hadn’t attend the fair.

After careful assessments you will be attending Agroexpo again next year. Orion Fair can assure you on that as a company which has been proven itself internationally by organizing Agriculture Fairs only.

Fatih Tan
Chairman of the Board