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Cookie Policy (hereinafter referred as Web Site) and Orion Fair Services and Public Relations Inc. Co. have determined various privacy policies in order to protect the privacy of the users, ensure the highest level of utilization of the technological infrastructure and to ensure security. Our Cookie Policy is also part of our Privacy Policy. By approving the text of the Privacy Policy on the Website, from their first visit, users have fully understood and accept the below important information as a whole and integral part of the visit and/or usage of the website.

The Website can use online services, interactive applications, e-mail messages and advertisements, cookies and other technologies. These technologies are used to provide you the highest quality service, to better understand your behavior and to offer our services more easily. Cookies and other technologies remind you of your personal information when you visit the Website. Our aim is to provide you the ease of use.

Cookies and other similar items may be placed in your browser while you are on the Website. By continuing to use the Website without changing the cookie settings of your browser you are allowing the use of cookies.

Other than the persistent and session cookies, the Google Analytics cookies used to provide better analysis of the user experience by monitoring and reporting traffic of the Website through the use of  “session cookies” and “persistent cookies.

You can delete or block cookies from your computer at any time. Cookies are used to understand user behavior, to show which parts of the Website our members have visited, and to measure the effectiveness of advertisements and searches. Orion Fair Services and Public Relations Inc. Co. may use these informations in marketing and advertising services. 


Please note that we may update this Cookie Policy without notice, so you should review our Cookie Policy at different times.


Orion Fair Services and Public Relations Inc. Co.

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