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We Are Taking Our Fair Precautions to The Next Level

As Orion Fair Services we started to work to make sure our exhibitors and visitors can have a hygienic and touchless trade connections due to the Covid Pandemic during 16th AGROEXPO International İzmir Agriculture and Livestock Fair. For starter our fair will be 5 days instead of 4 days to give our visitors a chance to attend the fair with restrictions and making the fair more productive.

General Precautions

  • Our Staff at the entrance of the fair will be asking for HES code to everyone and without the code their entry will be denied.

  • Our Online ticket system will allow touchless and free of charge entry.(For online tickets, please visit our website

  • Temperature will be checked at the entrance of the fair.

  • People will not be allowed to enter the fair without a mask.

  • Mask will be provided for people in need at the fair area.

  • There will be a Hand Sanitizer Stands at the entrance of the fair and the foyers.

  • Cleaning services will be increased and all frequently used surfaces will be cleaned during the fair.

  • It will be mandatory for exhibitors to have a sanitizer in their own stands and their personnel should be wearing a face shields at all times besides wearing a mask.

  • Exhibitors will be responsible for cleaning their own products in case of anyone touching them. They required to use a cleaning product with “Biocidal product certificate” provided by Ministry of Health.

  • As a part of hygiene rules in the fair area, mask wearing and social distancing will be constantly reminded with announcements.

  • Signage will be placed at the fair area as a warning that hand shaking and physical contact are forbidden at the fair area.

  • All the entry and the exit areas will be re-arranged to prevent contact among the visitors. Also directions will be placed on the floors for one-way entry and exit.

  • The fair area will be arranged to allow 1 person per 10 sqm at any given time including all exhibitors, stuff and visitors.

  • There will be a frequent visitor count at the fair to prevent over capacity and new visitors won’t be allowed to enter after reaching the maximum capacity. Number of visitors exiting the fair area will be equal to number of new visitors letting in the fair area. Also social distancing will be applied on the queues by floor stickers placed 1 meter apart from each other.

  • There will be an ambulance and health team stand by at the fair ground, both during preparation and the fair.

  • There will be a temperature check at the entry for the staff, exhibitors and visitors. The staff taking the temperatures will be wearing medical mask and face shield at all times.

  • People with temperature above 38, coughing, nasal flow, difficulty breathing symptoms or with COVID-19 diagnosis or contact won’t be allowed in the fair area. They will be sent to the medical establishment with a medical mask on.

  • There will be a signage on the carpets and the walk ways for keeping the social distance.

  • Only packed products will be allowed at the eating areas during the fair.

  • There will be a signage at the toilets, elevators and escalators on social distancing warnings.

  • COVID-19 precautions and related signage’s will be placed at the entrance and other visible areas at the fair. (washing hands, wearing a mask and also about the rules which should be followed inside the fair area).

  • Bus organizations will be arranged by authorized people and number of buses will be reduced.

We will be taking all the necessary precautions on Covid -19 to care for our exhibitors and visitor’s health as well as to keep our fair highly productive.
We are wishing you a great fair in advance.



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